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Dark Web Drug Dealer Forced to Return Millions in Cryptocurrency Profits

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ByHarper Stewart

Jun 22, 2023
Dark Web Drug Dealer Forced to Return Millions in Cryptocurrency Profits
Harper Stewart
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For distributing cocaine and heroin and mailing it to individuals all over the UK, Simon Barclay, 42, of Huddersfield, was sentenced to prison last year.

At the time of his capture, the digital currency he earned as payment for the narcotics was worth £5.85 million.

The Proceeds of Crime Act has mandated that he pay more than £4.9 million.

The Economic Crime Unit of West Yorkshire Police has just made its largest-ever seizure of digital money.

Cryptocurrencies valued at £4,921,637 were estimated to be accessible from Barclay, of Cow Cliffe Road.

According to the police, it has been changed back to sterling to pay for the seizure order.

‘Post office drops’

According to the assessment, Barclay should have received £7.1 million in benefits; the difference is still owed to him.

His usage of the Dark Web was observed by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit, which combats major organized crime, and his activities were discovered as a result.

Barclay was apprehended in November 2021 as a result of further investigations that revealed he was making frequent drops at a nearby post office.

After admitting to possessing Class A and B narcotics worth £1.2 million, he was sentenced to prison last June.

In addition, he admitted guilt to having the cryptocurrency tied to the crime in his hands.

Barclay utilized 21st-century technology to manage his extensive drug supply network, according to Ramona Senior, director of the Yorkshire and Humber regional economic and cyber crime Unit.

“Remarkably, however, it was his efforts to remain anonymous through the Dark Web that caught our notice.”

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