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Darknet Hackers Exploit Crypto Security Vulnerabilities to Sell Accounts for $85

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ByHarper Stewart

Jun 26, 2023
Darknet hackers sell crypto accounts for $85
Harper Stewart
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A report on the supply and costs on the darknet was published by Privacy Affairs, a content producer and privacy information supplier. The findings of the study might lead some people in 2023 to start doubting the existence of internet privacy.

Cheap Crypto Accounts With Hacked Data

Thefts of cryptocurrency and cyberspace have become increasingly common. Unbelievable, hacked cryptocurrency accounts may be purchased for as little as $85. The pricing of crypto accounts from the most centralized exchanges are as follows, according to Privacy Affairs:

Hackers are also selling credit card numbers with account balances of up to $5,000 for $110 on the Dark Web, in addition to cryptocurrency accounts. Credentials for an online bank account with a balance of $2,000 are available for purchase for just $60.

While Gmail costs $60, Facebook and Instagram login information costs about $25.

Because of the hacked email, a user reportedly lost $134,000 due to thefts from their Coinbase account.

False Documents on the Dark Web

Surprisingly, according to Privacy Affairs, darknet hackers also steal identities using falsified physical and scanned papers. Passports and driver’s licenses are among the documents that may be purchased for as low as $150.

Here’s what Miklos Zoltan, the creator of Privacy Affairs, said about it:

“If someone obtains your bank information or social network credentials, the rates indicated above are essentially what it is worth to them. You probably value these things considerably more than they do since, to them, you’re simply another target for making money quickly.”

Maintaining privacy precautions like avoiding public WiFi, utilizing two-factor authentication, and employing anti-malware software are essential. Additionally, users should never phone in sensitive information.

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