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Crypto Virus Alert: “Atomic” Virus Targets MacOS Users

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ByHarper Stewart

Jun 26, 2023
MacOS users targeted by "Atomic" crypto virus
Harper Stewart
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Based on the Cyble labs experts report, new malware that steals data, including crypto wallet data, has begun to affect MacOS-based computers.

The newest virus is referred to as Atomic (AMOS), and it’s delivered over Telegram using a subscription-based business model. Monthly payment for the subscription is $1000. In a.dmg file, the virus is kept in its entirety. Its foundation is made up of malicious Go-based programs.

The malware is capable of stealing credit card information, local system files, cookies, and passwords from the Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi, and OperaGX browsers. The malware also preys on information from wallets including Electrum, Binance, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, Coinmi, Guarda, TronLink, Trezor, and others, as well as browser extensions like MetaMask, Phantom, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, and others.

The creators of the malware may be cyberterrorists from the Russian Federation. According to allegations, the proprietors of Atomic have access to a personal account where they may handle the victim’s data. The site’s domain is set up in the .RU zone. The virus’s creators may also access the victim’s data using Telegram bots in addition to a personal account.

A few months ago, editors reported that XMRig mining malware was being concealed in pirated copies of Final Cut Pro for macOS. IT experts claim that a corrupted version of the video editor started to circulate on The Pirate Bay forum. A built-in script in the virus’ most current iteration continuously checks to see if the task manager is active. To prevent discovery, the software terminates all of its processes if the task manager is active. It’s uncertain how many macOS systems have managed to contract the rogue miner.

Apple claimed to be aware of the issue and to be working on XProtect antivirus update. If the most recent antivirus software can combat applications like Atomic is unknown.

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