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Dark Web Murder Plot Unveiled: Tennessee Woman Arrested for Hiring Hitman Online

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ByHarper Stewart

Jun 30, 2023
Dark Web Murder Plot: Tennessee Woman Arrested
Harper Stewart
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Melody Sasser, a lady from Tennessee, was detained for trying to hire a hitman to kill the wife of a man she met on a dating website. Sasser stalked her target using a fitness monitoring app after paying almost $9,700 to a Dark Web website that offered murder services.

Murder-for-Hire Plot Exposed: Details Unveiled and Suspicions Confirmed

The Homeland Security Investigations discovered the murder-for-hire scheme after receiving information from a foreign law enforcement agency. The administrator of the website spoke with a user by the username “cattree” about the order, which included the target’s name, address, and automobile specifications.

Investigators told the targeted person about the conspiracy, and she received confirmation that Sasser was responsible. The spouse of the target disclosed that he had met Sasser online and that she had been assisting him in organizing treks while he was in Knoxville.

“Cattree” was obsessed with the murder and kept a careful eye on the target’s whereabouts, even making a higher offer to hire a hitman to carry out the order. The investigators discovered proof of this preoccupation through communications, and they verified it using a fitness monitoring software that revealed the target’s actions were consistent with the information supplied.

Investigators followed the trail of crypto transactions used to finance the murder-for-hire website to Coinhub, where they determined that Sasser had bought the Bitcoin from a Knoxville ATM.

Since being taken into jail on May 18, Melody Sasser has been waiting to make her court appearance this week.

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