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A State Duma Representative Urged for the Prohibition of the Darknet

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ByHarper Stewart

Jul 24, 2023
Duma Representative Urged Darknet Prohibition
Harper Stewart
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The United Russia faction’s Anton Gorelkin, the deputy head of the State Duma information policy committee, stated that he was thinking about making the darknet illegal. In his address during the Youth RIGF 2023 forum, which he recorded and uploaded to his Telegram channel, he made this announcement. T

The darknet, in his perspective, is “a safe haven for anonymous villains” and “a place where law-abiding citizens have nothing to look for.” Gorelkin also stated that Russia leads the world in terms of the percentage of people who use the “shadow sector” of the Internet. 

He also noted that the darknet was first developed by the US military and that the US State Department funds Tor Browser, the primary method of access. In Russia, Tor Browser is forbidden and restricted. 

Opposite View 

Online conversation was spurred by the announcement of Gorelkin’s speech. Many users voiced their opposition to the deputy’s plan and emphasized that the darknet is not just utilized for illicit activities but also gives users a way to get around restrictions and preserve their privacy. Additionally, several cybersecurity professionals have pointed out that outlawing the darknet will simply make it more difficult for law authorities to combat cybercrime.

Both law enforcement and hackers have been paying more and more attention to the darknet recently. Developers and pentesters are the IT specialists most in demand on the dark web, according to Kaspersky Lab. There, you may also locate and purchase a wide range of products and services, including forbidden items like narcotics, firearms, phony documents, and passports. 

Fluctuations and Unintended Advertising

Dark web markets are, however, also targeted by rivals or authorities. The darknet had a steep fall in illicit sales in 2022, which was correlated with the shutdown of significant marketplaces and the arrests of administrators. Sales started to return to their prior level by year’s end. Dark web markets started to provide its clients with additional financial services around this time, including loan, insurance, and currency exchange.

Additionally, some advertising firms are attempting to leverage the dark web to promote their goods and services. For instance, in Moscow, public billboards displayed an advertisement for the illicit darknet market portal BlackSprut in February 2023. Evidently, the advertisers were unaware that they were promoting a black market.

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