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Maltese Man Buys Explosives on Dark Web

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ByHarper Stewart

Jul 26, 2023
Maltese Man Buys Explosives
Harper Stewart
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The prosecution’s case against Jomic Calleja Maatouk alleges that he sought to purchase harmful items including C4 explosives, polonium, ricin, and fentanyl on the Dark Web. According to testimony given at his trial, the inquiry was started by Maltese officials after receiving a tip from a US Law Enforcement Agency. Maatouk made contact with arms dealers between June and August 2019 using a variety of identities on the Berlusconi Dark Web market. He requested a lethal dosage of polonium, specified the height and weight of the targeted victim, and indicated a desire to purchase ricin and C4 explosives.

Dark Web Bomb Plot: Arrest, Seizures & Bail Forfeiture

The police replaced the C4 bomb with a fake in a Bluetooth speaker and delivered it to a business controlled by Maatouk. This is when the case took a dramatic turn. Upon being stopped, he declined to sign for the delivery, leading to speculation that a supervisor at the logistics business had given him the inside scoop. Following Maatouk’s arrest, narcotics and electronic gadgets were found in his car after it was searched.

Maatouk accused the seller of being an undercover agent after being granted bail, and the vendor countered by calling him a conman. In addition to a five-year sentence, the court also mandated that Maatouk lose the €51,000 he had put up as bail bonds, underscoring the gravity of his acts and the repercussions his hazardous intentions now face.

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