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Former Liberal Leader`s Son Accused of Trafficking Drugs on the Dark Web

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 1, 2023
Liberal Son Accused Dark Web Trafficking
Harper Stewart
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On Thursday, the 37-year-old Mark Chikarovski was taken into custody at a Bondi Junction apartment building. Chikarovski was allegedly wearing gloves and packing illegal narcotics when he was arrested, according to Detective Superintendent Matthew Craft, who said Chikarovski was astonished when police arrived at his residence.

The Officials Statement

Det Supt Craft stated on Friday, “We don’t think that he was conscious that law enforcement had an interest in his activities at the time”. “He was taking precautions, he was wearing gloves at the time he was actually arrested,” the statement said. “He was packaging illicit drugs ready to post.”

Later, Chikarovski was charged with 31 offenses, including 16 charges of providing a forbidden narcotic (indictable and commercial amount) on a regular basis and handling proceeds of crime with knowledge. On Friday, he appeared at Waverley Local Court, where he was granted bail on the conditions that he report to police every day, give up his passport, and refrain from accessing or using electronic devices.

As the first female opposition leader in the state, Chikarovski’s mother served as the leader of the NSW Liberal Party from 1999 to 2002. Since then, she has established her own consulting company, Chikarovski & Associates.

The Investigation 

The 37-year-old allegedly got bitcoin hundreds of times since 2017 in return for illegal narcotics, according to police. Detectives started looking into the NSW-wide distribution of illegal substances through dark web marketplaces in January. In a statement, NSW Police claimed that throughout the investigation, officers “identified a marketplace facilitating the supply of cocaine, methylamphetamine, and MDMA in exchange for cryptocurrency.”

Around 1.30 pm on Thursday, officers executed search warrants at a home in Vaucluse and an apartment in Bondi Junction. Prohibited substances, laptops, $30,000 in cash, over $269,000 worth of bitcoin, and two Porsche SUVs were all found by investigators, according to the police. Det Supt Craft said that the premises had significant amounts of cocaine, MDMA, and methamphetamine in addition to prohibited prescription drugs.

The following time Chikarovski is in court is on July 13. 

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