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Darknet Pedophile Jailed for Coaching Abusers

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 1, 2023
Darknet Pedophile Jailed for Coaching Abusers
Harper Stewart
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Source: Artyom Kabajev/Unsplash

The NCA reported that David Mould, 69, of Ivyhouse Lane in Hastings, East Sussex, was a well-known member of a global Dark Web group. Mould was recently given a sentence at Lewes Crown Court that included a 21-year jail term and an additional seven years of supervised release. He befriended young boys and sexually assaulted them while on the road by giving them presents and money. As a Dark Web moderator, Mould offered detailed directions on where to look for, how to approach, and how to groom victims in addition to giving pedophiles advice on how to perpetrate similar crimes. Mould admitted to 24 offenses, including having sex with minors, promoting exploitation, and having extreme and obscene pornographic photographs while also holding pedophile manuals and giving technical guidance on encryption.

‘International Child Sex Offender’

Source: National Crime Agency/BBC

Mould was given a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order that included mandatory registration on the registry of sexual assault offenders, an injunction, and travel limitations to 22 countries.

David Mould selected kids with vulnerabilities in the Philippines and Nepal, enticing them and employing them for his own sexual abuse.

Mould used the Dark Web to help other pedophiles who wanted to commit acts just as heinous while also satisfying his own sick cravings.

Due to his extensive worldwide activity, Mould was identified by the NCA as an international child sex criminal throughout the investigation.

David Mould, according to NCA spokesperson Hazel Stewart, was a very active sexual predator who spent a lot of time and money abusing children while aggressively encouraging and persuading others to do the same.

The unsettling truth was that Mould enjoyed respect and adoration from like-minded people online, creating a secure environment where criminals could justify their perverted sexual desires.

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