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Variety Jones: 20-Year Sentence

Aug 15, 2023
Variety Jones: 20-Year Sentence
Harper Stewart

For his participation in the Silk Road, the groundbreaking Darknet market established by Ross Ulbricht, Roger Thomas Clark, also known as Variety Jones, was given a 20-year jail term.

Darknet Mentor Sentenced: Shaping Silk Road’s Dark Legacy

On July 11th, Clark, who is currently 61 years old, was penalized for his involvement in the illegal internet market. Ulbricht saw Clark as a mentor and gave him credit for making a big contribution to the Silk Road’s early growth. In contrast, Clark’s libertarian ideals misled him and helped a criminal business financially, according to Judge Sidney Stein, who stressed this in his judgment.

After leaving North America in the wake of Ulbricht’s arrest in October 2013, Clark eluded capture for more than five years. He engaged in the sale of marijuana seeds on the Silk Road while using the alias Variety Jones. Security reviews are said to have been done by Clark, who also helped with marketing initiatives and even pushed Ulbricht to use force against those who had stolen Bitcoin from the market. Clark’s active participation and contentious proposals were disclosed by the chat logs of the Silk Road personnel.

Clark was captured by local officials in late 2015 and was sent to Thailand, where he was later deported in June 2018. The court procedure was over after admitting guilt in February 2020 for planning to distribute a lot of drugs. The US government received a $1.6 million forfeiture order as part of Clark’s sentence. He will now serve three years of supervised release before being sentenced to a 20-year jail term. During its time in operation, which was from January 2011 to October 2013, the Silk Road enabled trades worth about $213 million, of which a sizable percentage was spent on the sale of illegal drugs.