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Genesis Market Sold to an Unidentified Customer on the Dark Web

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 19, 2023
Genesis Market Sold to Dark Web Unidentified
Harper Stewart
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Genesis Market seems to have been successfully sold despite the FBI’s intensive efforts to liquidate and seize the platform’s infrastructure and critical domains starting in April 2023. The criminal organization that controls Genesis Market has disclosed that a buyer is yet unidentified for the site.

One of the most major cybercriminals was apprehended using the trading platforms Genesis Market a few months ago, on April 4, during a global law enforcement operation directed by the FBI. 

The Law Enforcement Reaction

Together with the Genesis Market.onion website, all three site domains were included on the US Department of the Treasury sanctions list, which identified Genesis Market as having its headquarters in Russia.

One of the Genesis Market administrators attempted to soothe user fears in the early days following the FBI raid by asserting that the FBI had only seized public web domains and that the darknet version of the market was still anonymous and secure. However, due to concerns that she is still under the control of the FBI and that everything that occurs is really a huge bluff, cybercriminals are afraid to utilize the darknet version of the site.

Genesis Market, together with the source code and database, was put up for sale on a hacker forum towards the end of June. The cybersecurity industry is skeptical of a move by the site’s proprietors to sell it. The declaration may have been a part of an FBI sting operation, according to experts.

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