• Fri. Aug 18th, 2023

Dark Web Drug Dealers Sentenced

Aug 18, 2023
Dark Web Drug Dealers Sentenced
Harper Stewart

In 2019, James Buckett, 35, started a drug trafficking business utilizing an anonymous vendor identity. Coke, LSD, marijuana, drugs, and other items were all delivered internationally through the program. When Border Force officials stopped a suspected parcel from the Netherlands addressed to Buckett at Heathrow Airport in February 2019, authorities learned about the plot. 60.4 grams of MDMA were in the box.

Criminal Collusion: Dark Web Drug Trafficking Trio Faces Justice

The results of additional investigations showed that Buckett ordered narcotics from other Dark Web merchants and had them delivered to the residences of his companions. Alfie Petherick, 28, was in charge of packaging and shipping the drugs in accordance with requests from consumers, while Craig Norton, 32, served as the drug runner and delivered parcels to clients.

Buckett’s landlord entered his residence violently in June 2019 because he hadn’t paid the rent. They found narcotics, drug-related materials, and handwritten notes inside that described Buckett’s aspirations to build a drug empire. Buckett was taken into custody aboard a boat on July 29, 2020, which was the hub of his trafficking business. The following day, Norton and Petherick were captured.

Investigators discovered that on August 13, 2020, Buckett had acquired the vendor account from its prior owner, 32-year-old Joseph Strachan. After that, police detained Strachan. After being found guilty of conspiring to distribute cocaine and diazepam, he was given a two-year sentence with a suspension.

Norton received a two years and six months in jail term after entering a guilty plea to planning to distribute cocaine. A four and a half-year jail sentence was handed down to Petherick after he pleaded guilty to planning to distribute various illicit substances.

Buckett pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute drugs and was given a nine-year jail term for his part in the drug trafficking scheme.