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Rival Markets Place Offers to Win Over Former ASAP Vendors and Customers

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 17, 2023
Rival Markets Compete for ASAP Customers
Harper Stewart
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Bohemia, who launched a new sponsored campaign on Dread that is stuck at the top of the forum’s homepage area, has the biggest such market and is now the clear leader in terms of popularity.

Incognito, Dark Matter Market, and M00nkey Market are three other markets that are vying for a portion of the former ASAP user base by waiving vendor bond payments for previous sellers. SuperMarket and Retro Market are two smaller, newer markets that have said they will follow suit.

Smooth Exit is Guaranteed

By most accounts on Dread, Reddit, and other sites, ASAP appears to be delivering on its guarantees to provide a smooth exit, with multiple buyers and vendors stating that their remaining amounts had been successfully withdrawn. The ASAP staff did acknowledge that they were dealing with a surge of withdrawal requests, but that they were all being handled and will be finished on time. 

The minimum quantity for withdrawals has also been lowered by ASAP, and some customers have mentioned taking out as little as $20 in cryptocurrency. Some customers are also noticing inefficiencies in support ticket and dispute processing, which ASAP staff claims will be remedied before the market shuts down in about 25 days. Withdrawals are somewhat behind schedule because of the unexpected flood of fresh requests.

The Vendors Message

A few former ASAP vendors have also published messages on Dread informing clients about the alternative markets where they can now be found. Launched in March 2020 as ASEAN Market, ASAP was the largest English-language darknet market by sales volume, accounting for around 10% of all DNM transactions (all other English-speaking markets made up the remaining 90% of DNM transactions). Russian-language markets account for roughly 80% of all DNM transactions.

ASAP is fulfilling promises for a graceful exit with successful withdrawals reported. They handled a surge in withdrawal requests and lowered the minimum withdrawal to $20. Slight delays in support ticket processing, but staff assures resolution before the market closes in 25 days. Former vendors are informing customers of their presence on other markets. Launched in March 2020 as ASEAN Market, ASAP was the largest English darknet market, accounting for 10% of all DNM transactions. Russian markets cover 80%, and other English markets make up the remaining 10%.

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