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Authorities Identified the Owner of the Hacker forum BreachForum’s Primary Fetish

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 17, 2023
Authorities Identify Fetish Owner of BreachForum
Harper Stewart
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Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, also known by his online alias “pompompurin,” was arrested by US officials in March for his involvement in moderating the website. Fitzpatrick founded and owns the hacking group BreachForums. Although the prosecution of Fitzpatrick was repeatedly postponed, once allegedly owing to a suicide attempt, court records from July 13th revealed new insight on the case.

According to the most recent information, Fitzpatrick was accused of possessing child pornography as well as a conspiracy to commit access device fraud and access device fraud that resulted in extortion. According to reports, Pompompurine admitted guilt on all three counts.

The Accusation and the Trial

While the first two points of the charge were obvious, the last point raised some eyebrows.

The last point of the accusation caused some questions, although the first two were very clear. According to the court file, Fitzpatrick’s gadgets had “videos showing underage teens and kids under the age of 12 acting in sexually explicit behavior.” 

More than 600 photographs of child pornography were also kept on Pompompurine’s devices, according to court records. The trial for Fitzpatrick is scheduled for November 17. He is currently out on $300,000 bond with additional conditions including a VPN ban, internet access limitations, and no contact with children or minors.

A cybercrime forum called BreachForums (Breached) was active from 2022 to 2023. 

The website served as a replacement and follow-up to RaidForums, which was shut down in 2022. Data leaks, pornography, hacking tools, and other services could all be distributed and discussed on Breached.

Following Pompompurin’s arrest, a forum administrator going by the handle “Baphomet” claimed to be in charge of all future operations of BreachForums and to have all required access and power to do so. In order to shield its users from any FBI meddling, the new administrator was able to limit Pompompurine’s access to the forum’s infrastructure.

The site has been disabled by the new administrator, who has also moved it to a new infrastructure that is secure against potential law enforcement interference. Baphomet made the decision to shut down Breachedforever and give the community members the freedom to select where they want to go next due to worries that Pompompurine’s gadgets are now in possession of law enforcement and have access to the Breached infrastructure.

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