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Farewell: Dark Web’s ASAP Market Closing

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 28, 2023
Farewell: Dark Web's ASAP Market Closing
Harper Stewart
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Leading local and international Dark Web markets have been closely observed by “ODN”. On the Dread Dark Web forum, ASAP Market, the largest Dark Web marketplace in terms of time in business, stock on hand, and overall sales, recently made an official announcement that it was closing down.

ASAP Market: Dark Web’s Finale – Cutting-Edge Features & Smooth Farewell

The ASAP Market, which debuted in March 2020 under the name ASEAN Market, soon gained notoriety following the closure of the AlphaBay marketplace in February of the same year. It gained popularity among the Dark Web community thanks to its more than 120,000 listings and cutting-edge features including speedy loading, attentive customer care, and direct payments.

“It’s time for the goodbyes!!!” said a notice made on Dread on July 11 by LeChacal, the ASAP Market administrator. There will be a retirement at ASAP Market. Users will have one month to finish their orders before the market closes, according to LeChacal. The expiration date might, however, be sooner. The objective is a trouble-free retirement.

In a closed announcement on Dread on July 12, LeChacal declared his resignation. They announced their intention to quit the Darknet permanently and provided details on how they would leave. Users would have up to two weeks to complete outstanding orders and withdraw their cryptocurrency.

The management’s professionalism and tolerant nature were well-liked by the Dark Web community. The market had previously been suspected of being the victim of an “exit scam,” but subsequently it was discovered that a DDoS assault was to blame, and LeChacal was able to stop it.
For users with low balances, the minimum withdrawal amount has been decreased, new orders are no longer permitted, and new user registrations are no longer permitted on ASAP Market. By having more than 123,000 products, ASAP Market was one of the biggest Dark Web marketplaces at the time of its collapse. It was renowned for its capable and experienced operation, which offered a seamless user experience and first-rate user service.

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