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Bohemia Market is Down – What Happened to One of the Biggest Dark Web Marketplaces?

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 30, 2023
Bohemia Market: Dark Web Marketplace Downfall
Harper Stewart
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The Bohemia Market site has been working with suspicious interruptions for several weeks until the customers started to notice that something is extremely wrong. Many suppose the market turned out to be an exit scam, others believe that it experienced a ddos attack.

What is the Bohemia market?

Bohemia market is one of the fastest growing markets on the dark web. Just like many others, it offers thousands of illegal goods, mostly illegal drugs like fentanyl and cocaine. The platform became especially popular after the shutdown of White House Market – another dark web marketplace. Over the past few weeks, users began to notice suspicious activity on the platform.

(Bohemia marketplace web page)

When Things Went Downsides

Since last week, reddit and dread users have expressed a concern regarding the market. “Is bohemia market down? Every time I try to log in it says invalid captcha (even though its correct)” – posted one of Bohemia`s customers @justrasn on Reddit:

The Bohemia market web page showcased a message, in which they apologized for being put to the tests with DDos attacks. A reddit user @Jaydedddasf posted a screenshot of Bohemia`s site:

What is an Exit Scam?

(An example of an exit scam.)

An exit scam is a specific sort of scam or fraudulent action that takes place on darknet markets that is referred to as a “SN exit scam” on the dark web. The term “SN” in this context refers to “Silk Road,” one of the most notorious dark web markets.

Exit scams often occur when a darknet market’s owners or managers unexpectedly close down the marketplace and vanish, taking the money in escrow or in user wallets with them. Buyers and sellers on the marketplace are left without any way to retrieve their money or finish current transactions as a result of this kind of fraud.

It’s not surprising that many users thought that the platform was an exit scam. Moreover, this explanation seemed to fit with many individuals. A reddit user @of_courseiwill created a post asking other buyers about such outcome:

Currently, there is every sign that Bohemia Market might be an exit scam. However, some users are able to still do transactions occasionally. We will definitely know whether the platform was attacked or scammed by thousands of its users.

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