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UK Teacher’s Abuse Payment

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 7, 2023
UK Teacher's Abuse Payment
Harper Stewart
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The NCA detained Matthew Smith, a 35-year-old Londoner, in November 2022 for disseminating child abuse material on the Dark Web.

Officers detained Smith after finding him connected into several Dark Web forums and websites that included child pornography. He was seen on one of these sites asking a young Indian man to send him obscene pictures of child abuse in exchange for money.

Culprit Paid for Abuse: Shocking Revelations in Child Exploitation Case

Smith was found to have paid two Indian males a combined total of more than £65,398 over a five-year period to engage in child abuse activities after a thorough investigation of his conversation logs on these child abuse platforms and his money records. The chat records revealed Smith’s instructions to the boys, outlining the specifics of how they should commit the assault. Even examples of the photos and films he anticipated from them were sent to them. He even counseled one of the young men on how to win the confidence of his victims before taking advantage of them.

During the time of his illicit activity, Smith was employed by a Nepali school. He has worked between 2007 and 2014 in orphanages and NGOs in India before moving to Nepal. During his time in India, the NCA discovered information that would indicate he was involved in child abuse. He took up positions as the head of pastoral care and deputy head teacher at a primary school in London after relocating to the UK in the middle of 2022.

More than 120,000 pictures of child abuse were found on Smith’s electronic devices, according to the inquiry. He pled guilt to 22 charges, including arranging for a kid to be sexually abused, inciting the rape of a minor, and pressuring a minor into having sex.

Smith was given a 12-year jail term and was also ordered by the Southwark Crown Court to spend the rest of his life on the sex offenders registry.

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