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16shop Phishing Shut Down

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 8, 2023
16shop Phishing Shut Down
Harper Stewart
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The notorious phishing hub sold phishing kits to malicious hackers looking to steal the money and identities of its victims.

Combatting Cyber Threats: Uniting Against Pervasive Phishing Risks

According to Interpol, phishing is one of the most pervasive cyber risks on the planet, with successful phishing attempts accounting for almost 90% of data breaches.

“The toll that cyber attacks like phishing exact on victims is real and catastrophic,” explains Bernardo Pillot, Assistant Director of Cyber Crime Operations at Interpol.

The platform’s Indonesian administrator was located and recognized by law police. In the course of the operation, they detained a 21-year-old person while seizing expensive cars and technical equipment.

Following the arrest, law enforcement located and detained two other platform facilitators.

Here’s what Brigadier General Adi Vivid Agustiadi Bachtiar, INP’s Cyber Crime Investigation chief, said about it:

“Although phishing is not new, anybody may launch such assaults with ease because to the accessibility of crime-ware through memberships that simplify phishing efforts.”

This move demonstrates how hard everyone is working to stop cyber threats and protect people and companies from the potentially disastrous effects of phishing scams. International cooperation is still crucial for preserving digital security as cyber dangers continue to develop.

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