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Bohemia Market is Down Again – Another DDoS or an Exit Scam?

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 11, 2023
Bohemia Market is Down Again - Another DDoS or an Exit Scam?
Harper Stewart
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Reddit and Dread users have been complaining about the Bohemia market for ages. Bohemia Market is one of the largest on the dark web and has thousands of regular customers. As a result, suspicions about why the platform doesn’t work are extremely relevant.

Bohemia, one of the biggest markets on the dark web.

The Rumors

One of the reddit users under an alias @MrInfamousAuzie wrote: “Bohemia is having deposit issues right now, just wait. Hopefully it’ll come through soon. You can check dread and see many others having issues, but their deposits seem to be coming through after a while.”

Complaints about Bohemia market and exit scam suspisions.

“There’s a rumor on dread right now about a possible bohemia exit scam, might be related.” – adds another Reddit user @hoi4enjoyer.

A DDoS Attack or an Exit Scam?

Just 2 weeks ago the Bohemia market officially confessed that the market experienced a DDoS attack. They published a letter on their official website. However, the site didn’t mention any DDoS attacks after this, so one of the reasons for numerous issues might really be an exit scam. 

The homepage of Bohemia market.

What is an Exit Scam?

Exit scams frequently take place when the proprietors or administrators of a darknet market abruptly shut down the platform and disappear, absconding with the funds held in escrow or within user accounts. This form of deception leaves both buyers and sellers on the marketplace without any means to recover their funds or conclude ongoing transactions.

Looking at issues that users have with Bohemia market, the platform really might be preparing for an exit scam. In this case, thousands of users will lose their funds forever.

Exit scam example.

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