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Darknet Massive Attacks – Is it Going Down?

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 13, 2023
Darknet Massive Attacks - Is it Going Down?
Harper Stewart
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Reddit and Dread forums are actively discussing the issues related to the dark web sites. 

This became a serious concern since a lot of dark web marketplaces faced too many DDoS attacks over the last few months.  

Tor2Door won`t load.

“What’s wrong? Why is everything down? I went on Tor taxi and almost all of the marketplaces, and a lot of the forums showed this when I try to access them. Are they just temporary down or am I doing something wrong? Is tor taxi outdated?” – asked a user @Dystopia_8448 on Reddit.

Onion link doesn’t work.

Such questions are posted regularly, whether it’s an onion crushed link or disabled dark web market. Currently, users face issues with dread forum, bohemia market, archetyp, abacus, tor2door, and onion links in general. 

Reddit discussion.

Is it DDoS attack?

Massive DDOS attack ongoing. You can tell because daunt dot link clearnet link working as normal but onion is totally unresponsive. This one seems particularly aggressive, LE SYN Flood? Just speculation on my part there. – wrote reddit user @DeepWebEntity under one of the posts with complaints.

Just a few weeks ago, the biggest dark web market called Bohemia experienced a DDoS attack. The moderators posted a message on their website where they confessed about the attack and apologized.

Bohemia market`s message.

It’s hard to say for sure if the whole darknet fell victim to a targeted attack provided by some group or just a coincidence, but it’s definitely worth waiting until we know more information. Many users suggest not to purchase any items until the issues are resolved.

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Harper Stewart

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