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Evil Lewisham Psychiatrist Served as a “Moderator” on a Website for Child Sex Abuse

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 11, 2023
Evil Lewisham Psychiatrist Served as a "Moderator" on a Website for Child Sex Abuse
Harper Stewart
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A junior physician who participated in a dark web chat forum where pictures of child sexual assault were shared has been sentenced to six years in prison. At Woolwich Crown Court, Kabir Garg, 33, of Lewisham, southeast London, entered a plea of guilty to assisting in the exploitation of minors. The court had learned that Garg had served as a “moderator” of the website. This includes managing the website’s operations and providing guidance on sharing photographs via private conversations.

The Investigation

The National Crime Agency (NCA) discovered hundreds of obscene photos at the time of his arrest, including 522 category A images, on a laptop and SD card in his residence.

The National Crime Agency’s Adam Priestley stated that Garg “played a significant role in facilitating child sexual abuse.” He used the dark web to obtain access to a world-wide network of predators who planned and exchanged horrific crimes against children.

Numerous medical papers and articles discussing the psychological effects of child sexual assault were found during the inspection of his gadgets, which the NCA claimed demonstrated his understanding of the “devastating impact such actions have on children.” Authorities disclosed that Garg was one of the moderators of the 90,000-member website *CENCORED*. Garg was a major administrator on the network, and they discovered hundreds of daily shared links to content containing child abuse. 

Authorities also found several medical journal publications and almost 7,000 pornographic photos and videos that Garg had amassed while working as a psychiatrist. According to the prosecution, Smith used young males in India as pawns, instructing them how to approach children and then giving them pictures and films of sexual activities that he had them conduct and record.

No alternative

His acts were particularly alarming considering his role as an NHS psychiatrist, managing vulnerable patients in the general population, and his knowledge of the psychological effects of sexual abuse on children,” according to Bethany Raine, specialist prosecutor of the Crown Prosecution Service’s Organized Child Sexual Abuse Unit.

“Garg had no choice but to plead guilty when confronted with the evidence of his crimes,” she continued. According to her, the case demonstrated the CPS’s and detectives’ willingness to go after child sex offenders, including those who had relocated their “vile activity onto the dark web.” She said, “These locations are abhorrent and have no place in society.

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