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Dutch Police Sends Letters to Ex Users of the Hacker Resource RaidForums

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ByHarper Stewart

May 1, 2023
Dutch Police Sends Letters to Ex Users of the Hacker Resource RaidForums
Harper Stewart
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The police are asking former forum participants to erase leaked information and stop interacting in cybercrime, warning them that it is too late to remain anonymous.

RaidForums, which first appeared in 2015, gained notoriety due to the operators of ransomware who leaked stolen data from victims on the website with the goal of tricking into paying a ransom. For example, such tactics were previously used by the Babuk and Lapsus$ groups.

Although, in the past, when the discussion board was less well-known, its public was known for swatting (from the English word “swatting”: requesting in a SWAT team to a victim’s home by spreading fake threats of hostage-taking, eruption, and so forth), as well as raiding (from the English word “raiding,” which the US Department of Justice defines as “posting or sending a large number of contacts in the online environment that the victim uses to communicate”).

What is Raidforums

In recent years, the trading platform has been a favorite place for hackers, where they sold stolen data or just posted it without any cost for the forum members to see.

In the spring of 2022, RaidForums was shut down by law enforcement agencies as part of the international operation TOURNIQUET.

Couple of days ago, ex members of RaidForums have received thousands of emails, hundreds of print letters, and phone calls from authorities informing them that their actions are illegal and that they are being watched, according to a statement from the Dutch National Police (Politie).

The users of the now-closed forum were identified through the analysis of the seized database from RaidForums that included the email addresses of participants, IP addresses used to register accounts, as well as IP addresses used to post or download files from the site.

Official Warnings

The letters sent out were named as “Politiewaarschuwing aan Raidforums gebruikers,” and translated as “Police warning to RaidForums users.” In the letter, the Dutch police ask former RaidForums participants to delete all stolen or purchased data, warning them that they are not as anonymous online as they may think.

In addition to sending electronic and paper messages, the police made phone calls to underage users of RaidForums. During these engagements, minors and their parents were “provided with information about the possible consequences of cybercrime.” Law enforcement officials believe that phone calls were more effective for this targeted group.

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