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Uncovering the Secrets of the Dark Web

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ByWilliam Wilson

May 1, 2023
Uncovering the Secrets of the Dark Web
William Wilson
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The Dark Web has always piqued people’s curiosity, with its hidden secrets and rumors of illegal activity. However, not everyone is aware of its true nature and the benefits it offers in terms of privacy and security. In this article, we will shed light on the myths and facts surrounding this mysterious place.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a hidden part of the internet that operates within darknet overlay networks. Accessing it requires specialized software like Tor, which is the most popular browser for the Dark Web. While other browsers like Chrome and Firefox can’t access the content of the Dark Web, Tor can.

In fact, only about 5% of the internet is accessible on a daily basis, with the other 95% being hidden away. This hidden part of the internet is known as the deep web, with the Dark Web being a subset of it.

Tor is a useful tool for exploring the Dark Web. The name “Tor” stands for “The Onion Router” because it allows users to peel back the layers of the internet like an onion, revealing the hidden layers beneath.

Is the Dark Web Illegal?

Many people associate the dark web with illegal activities, such as the Silk Road, an online marketplace for illegal substances sold with bitcoin, or Besa Mafia, a creepy marketplace for violent actions like mafia activity, blackmailing, contract killings, sex trafficking, and terrorism.

While it is true that the dark web is used for illegal activities, such as buying personal information, drugs, guns, and even humans, not every dark web user is a criminal. Accessing the Tor browser, which is commonly used to access the dark web, is not a crime in itself.

The dark web is also used for increasing user privacy and safety. For example, the Tor browser was originally created to give people the right to free speech on the internet. This means that users can access hidden medical records, free non-governmental news, have anonymous discussions on current events, and search for hard-to-find information. It is also possible to safely use strongly encrypted email services.

In conclusion, as long as you don’t have any illegal intentions, it is safe to surf the dark web. However, it’s important to always be cautious and avoid suspicious websites that can track your data. Never enter any personal information on a web page that you don’t trust.

What`s the Cost of Illegal Materials?

The prices on the dark web always vary and can start from as little as a few cents per unit. Although law enforcement tries to track down illegal activities on the dark web, it’s rarely successful. According to the exclusive Privacy Affair’s Dark Web Price Index, here are some examples:

  • Walmart account with credit card attached: ~5$
  • USA hacked credit card details with CVV: ~15$
  • 50 Hacked PayPal account logins: ~120$
  • Binance verified account: ~410$
  • New York driver’s license: ~60$
  • French Passport: ~3,000$
  • Europe fresh, high-quality Malware, per 1,000 installs: ~1,600$
  • DDos attacks on unprotected website, 10-50k requests per second,1 month: ~750$

How to Access the Dark Web 

You may be aware that accessing the dark web is legal and can offer several benefits to well-intentioned users, such as increased privacy and freedom from censorship. However, according to research by Moore and Rid, the vast majority of dark web sites are used for illicit purposes. As a result, we must recognize that this environment has the potential to be extremely hazardous.

If you go looking for trouble on the dark web, you’ll almost certainly find it. But if you only use it for genuine and legal purposes and proceed with caution, you can have a completely safe and secure experience.

Here’s a quick guide on how to safely access the dark web:

1. Install anti-malware software.

Before navigating the surface web, deep web, or dark web, it’s important to safeguard your devices with anti-malware software to prevent any malicious software from being installed on your device. Use up-to-date, high-quality anti-malware software and run frequent scans on your device.

2. Set up a VPN.

If you use Tor, your ISP won’t be able to see the pages you visit, but they will know that you’re using Tor. However, if you first connect to a trusted VPN (Virtual Private Network) and then use Tor, your connection to the Tor network will be completely hidden from your ISP or other intruders. This provides an extra layer of secrecy and is known as “Tor over VPN.” Make sure to connect to one of the top VPN server locations to add an extra layer of confidentiality.

3. Obtain the Tor browser.

Once you’ve set up your VPN, you can download and install the Tor browser from the Tor website. The process is as easy as downloading any other reputable application. When you first run the browser after downloading it, it will appear as an application on your computer and open in a new window. Be very cautious when downloading Tor and make sure you install it from the authentic Tor website.

4. Find .onion websites.

Once you have set up your VPN and launched the Tor browser, you can start searching for some good .onion sites. Use your Tor browser to search the surface web, for example, ‘best.onion sites’. Here are some of the most popular Tor sites to visit. Before you start browsing, remember to turn off your device’s camera, close all open tabs, and sign out of all your accounts!

How to Browse the Dark Web Safely

Browsing the dark web can be extremely hazardous, as there are numerous malware and phishing sites that are keen to steal your information to sell or blackmail you. Therefore, we have compiled some tips to assist you in navigating the dark web safely.

1. Visit the correct URL.

If you’re securely connected, .onion websites shouldn’t pose any threat to you, although you may accidentally come across some disturbing content. Be careful and cautious about the websites you want to visit, especially when using a dark web browser for Android.

2. Be careful about what you share.

The dark web is a popular and unregulated location for criminal activities. As mentioned earlier, only visit .onion sites that you trust and do not disclose any sensitive information.

3. Don’t save any files.

The dark web, like the surface web, can contain viruses. To avoid compromising your data, avoid downloading anything that you are not certain is legitimate.

4. Avoid making any purchases.

While some dark web sites with shops may be legitimate, making a purchase is not worth the risk if you don’t want to draw the authorities’ attention to yourself.

5. Keep your programs updated. 

Updates to your operating system and applications are designed to keep you safe. Keep Tor, as well as your anti-malware and VPN software, up to date. Look for the best VPN for the dark web and use it carefully.

There are numerous legitimate reasons to use the dark web, but you should always proceed with caution. Did you know that you might unintentionally break the law while browsing the web? Avoid engaging in illegal activities online, including illegal dark web forums.

The Verdict

Using the dark web may seem daunting due to the abundance of sinister and disturbing content. However, for some people, it can be an excellent solution for anonymous and secure internet browsing. Additionally, we recommend keeping up with the latest dark web news.

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