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Russia & Thailand Launch Joint Plan for Bilateral Development for 2023-2024

May 2, 2023
Russia & Thailand Launch Joint Plan for Bilateral Development for 2023-2024
Harper Stewart

Russia and Thailand have signed a cooperation program between their prosecutor general’s offices for the years 2023-2024. The agreement aims to address cross-border criminal threats such as cybercrime, cryptocurrency trafficking, and terrorism.

The cooperation between the Prosecutors General of Russia and Thailand has been extended to a program for 2023-2024, as reported by the GPO of the Russian Federation on March 23. The agreement was signed by Igor Krasnov and Nari Tantasatien, who expressed their concern about the growing cross-border criminal threats both countries are facing.

The agreement highlights areas of cooperation, such as fighting cybercrime, cryptocurrency trafficking, extremism, and terrorism. Additionally, the extradition agreement, which has been approved by both countries, is being prepared for signing. This will strengthen the legal framework for cooperation in the fight against crime and facilitate the extradition of suspects.

The upcoming high-level talks between Russia and Thailand are scheduled to take place in Bangkok at the end of April. This meeting is part of the Joint Russian-Thai Commission on Bilateral Cooperation, which was established in 1993 to promote bilateral relations. The upcoming session will be the 8th and will build on the progress made in 2022.

Representatives from more than ten government agencies involved in various areas of Russian-Thai cooperation will participate in the commission’s work. They will review the areas of cooperation during the previous year and exchange opinions on how to further develop collaboration in areas of mutual interest such as economy, politics, security, science and technology, agriculture, education, and culture.

The growing Russian tourist influx to Thailand is also noteworthy. Two months after Thailand reopened its borders to foreign tourists, 387,500 tourists from Russia have visited the country, accounting for more than 90% of the total number of visitors.

The forthcoming high-level talks show that both countries value their relationship and are committed to enhancing cooperation to face common challenges.