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Can You Cheat a Drug Test?

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ByWilliam Wilson

Aug 17, 2023
Can You Cheat a Drug Test?
William Wilson
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A drug test agreement.

There are numerous ways of how do doctors test for drugs when they take blood or urine. Mostly, drug tests are done not really voluntarily, but as a requirement at a person’s job. In this case, it’s crucial to pass it because you might be fired or punished if a test comes back positive. 

Please, note that we don’t promote any illegal substance abuse. All the material we provide is for educational purposes only. 

How does a drug test work to find drugs?

An employee doing the drug test.

A part of the substance and its metabolites are released into the circulation when an individual consumes substances, and a tiny bit is eliminated by the body in various ways.

As a result, it is now feasible to analyze a range of samples, including urine, saliva (oral fluid), hair, and nails, for the presence of drugs. How long can a saliva test detect drugs? – it’s usually up to only 48 hours. Many people also ask – how long do drugs stay in urine test? – and the answer is up to 4 days after usage.

Due to the rapid growth of head hair, head hair drug tests offer a large window of detection for drug use. According to the length of the hair, it is feasible to detect metabolites in the hair for up to 12 months after drug use. In a comparable manner a review of up to 12 months of drug usage may be obtained via nail drug testing (six months for fingernails and 12 months for toenails).

Do Plasma Centers Test for Drugs?

Plasma donor.

Yes, the majority of plasma donation clinics examine their donors for drugs. This is because it is crucial that plasma be devoid of any dangerous elements as it is used to make treatments that save lives. In several states, drug testing is also compulsory by law.

Are there home tests for drugs?

Home drug test.

Yes, there are numerous home drug kits. For example, a home test for methamphetamines drugs are available over-the-counter. Usually, they are purchased by parents who are worried about their child using some illicit substances. A test for meth is usually cheap and can show other drugs as well, such as opiates, cocaine, marijuana and others. Several substances may be detected by testing, but crystal meth is one of the more popular ones that people check for. Home drug testing kits may also yield similarly trustworthy findings and may serve as the initial stage in the drug detection process, even if professional laboratories are able to detect the presence of drugs.

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