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What Can You Find on Drug Dark Web Forums?

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ByHarper Stewart

Oct 4, 2023
What Can You Find on Drug Dark Web Forums? | Deeplab.com
Harper Stewart

There are a lot of dark web forums that host different discussions. It’s believed that most of the time, you will find the conversions related to the use of different illicit substances, such as opiates, cannabinoids, euphoretics, and others. We`ve been observing the topics of conversations among the drug users on the dark web for over a month, and there are much more topics than just drug use. For example, we found forums where users share information about drug manufacturing, harm-reduction, drug combinations, etc. Take a look at our thrilling investigation below.

Note that we don’t promote any illicit activities, especially drug use. All the information provided is for educational purposes only.

Drug Discussions

Conversations on Dread forum.

Dread, one of the most popular dark web forums, provides plenty of different conversations. However, not all of them are related to drugs. Some topics are only about dark web tools, for example hacking ones. We found that the majority of dread users who seem to be interested in drugs, discuss harm-reduction and warn other users about the consequences of abuse of various substances. Users also share opinions on different sorts of drugs, in addition to information that helps drug users not to be caught by the authorities. 

Drug Manufacture Equipment

We’ve also stumbled upon a pretty popular drug-related forum, Breaking Bad, that survived numerous police dark web market raids, which is why it poses a significant danger to young people who might browse the dark web, even with only curiosity in mind. Among drug discussions, there is a whole section that is related to drug manufacturing, which hosts over 30 threads in total. In such discussions, users share what is required to build a drug laboratory at home, and also suggest vendors that can sell such equipment. Moreover, the site actively promotes video instructions on how to cook substances at home.

The discussions related to drug manufacturing on dread forum.

Free Drugs

One of the many things that concerned us the most is the discussion related to the site`s promotion. The administrators clearly encourage users to try illegal drugs for free with the purpose of hooking them and turning them into future market clients. Turns out, a lot of people actually desire this offer. 

The administrator encourages users to try free drug samples from manufacturers.

Drug Combinations

Moreover, we found that users also actively discuss different drug combinations. Interestingly, they do it for several various purposes. The first reason is to find which combinations give a stronger effect, and the second one is to reduce the harm by knowing what combinations might be potentially dangerous. 

Users discuss drug combinations.

In addition, on the same site we also found discussions about safe drug delivery, โ€œcop storiesโ€, drug news, and actual drugs. We can surely say that all the drug forums were created with the idea of promoting drugs and making a huge profit from it.

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Harper Stewart

With a deep understanding of the complexities of the Dark Web, Harper curates informative and thought-provoking content for our readers. Her knowledge of the hidden corners of the internet and cybersecurity helps shed light on the often mysterious and illicit activities that take place in this realm.