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How Dark Web Markets Deliver Drugs?

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ByHarper Stewart

Oct 4, 2023
How Dark Web Markets Deliver Drugs? | Deeplab.com
Harper Stewart

In the past decade, law enforcement agencies have placed a high priority on addressing drug-related crimes, especially those that have seen a significant increase due to dark web usage. Dark web markets are a lot safer than their precursors, offering much more safety in terms of delivery, payment, and anonymity of both vendors and buyers. Let’s discuss why some dark web items are hard to trace.


Anonymous browser Tor.

The first security measure is anonymity, which is why all dark web markets are only accessible through secure anonymous browsers like Tor. This already makes it hard to trace the buyer or vendor, given that their IP-addresses are being encrypted by the browser.

The Payment

Seized dark web market Silk Road.

Almost all the dark web markets only accept cryptocurrencies as a safe payment option. For example, the seized dark web market Silk Road accepted bitcoin cryptocurrency. Usually, dark web markets accept two of the safest coins – monero and bitcoin. Although it’s possible to track crypto transactions, it still requires some time unlike tracking a banking transaction.


Breaking Bad`s escrow system.

Dark web markets commonly employ escrow services to secure the buyer’s payment until the product has been delivered and verified by the buyer. For example, this tactic is employed by one of the safest dark web forums Breaking Bad. This mechanism serves the dual purpose of fostering trust and safeguarding against scams

Regular Shipping 

White House Market (seized).

Certain dark web markets are comfortable with using standard postal services to ship items. They rely on some services such as USPS, FedEx, and others to deliver illegal items. For example, vendors of White House MArkets regularly shipped steroids using regular mail services. Of course, this might be really dangerous for both vendor and customer, but as practice shows, many individuals manage to get away with such purchases.

Dead Drop

One of the dark web forums provides instructions for dead drop delivery.

Dead Drop is one of the safest delivery methods for dark web markets nowadays. It means that the vendor chooses the exact location of where the delivery will be waiting for a pick up. After the package is left, the customer gets its address. Such a method minimizes the risks of being caught because only 2 people know the location of the purchase. We discovered that such markets as AlphaBay, Utopia, Breaking Bad, Hydra, and others commonly utilized this delivery method.

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Harper Stewart

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