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How Do Police Dogs Recognize Drugs?

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ByWilliam Wilson

Aug 17, 2023
How Do Police Dogs Recognize Drugs?
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Sniffer dog.

Sniffer dogs are police dogs that assist officers in identifying and searching for drugs. Many of us are aware that, on average, a dog’s nose is 10,000 times more sensitive to odors than a person’s nose. People frequently ponder if dogs find concealed narcotics because they’re eager to consume them or because dogs high on drugs. In actuality, the dogs are not even remotely interested in medications. Actually, their preferred toy is what they are looking for. They now connect that toy with the smell of narcotics thanks to their conditioning. 

A white towel is the item played with most frequently. With their preferred towel, police dogs enjoy a spirited game of tug-of-war. The dog and the towel, which has been meticulously cleansed to remove all fragrance, are simply played with by the handler to start practicing.  The cloth is afterwards folded up with a bag of marijuana inside. The dog eventually learns that the smell of marijuana is the scent of his favorite toy after some time of gaming.  

Following that, the drug handler disperses the towel and drugs in different locations. The dog crawls and scrapes in an effort to get to his toy whenever he detects the medications. 

He quickly discovers that if he detects the smell of narcotics, he will be rewarded with a tug-of-war match as soon as he locates them.

What Drugs Do Airport Dogs Smell?

Airport sniffer dog.

Drug sniffing dogs may learn several odors by continuing these procedures. 13 different compounds, including cocaine, meth, bath salts, and opiates, are all recognized by our dogs. In some situations, some canines trained to detect drugs also look for legitimate drugs. Because they don’t want them to annoy individuals using legal medications like Xanax, police dogs are only trained to detect illicit narcotics. However, for some clientele, our 3DK9 sniffer dogs can locate legitimate drugs.

Additionally, bombs can be detected by detection dogs. These canines are frequently seen at amphitheaters, sporting events, and other large gatherings. These canines can find explosives concealed in packages, structures, and vehicles and can operate in almost any situation.

What Happens When Drugs Are Found by a Sniffer Dog?

Sniffer dog found marijuana.

When the drug dogs identify the intended smell at the beginning of the training process, they are rewarded. The dogs are rewarded for performing in particular ways as they advance in competence. The rewarding response can be to sit, stand, dig, lie down, or bark. When a dog discovers the towel toy, its natural instinct is to scratch and dig at the place where it resides. The handler teaches the dog to respond passively or actively/aggressively depending on the scenario.
Many wonder – do dogs bark when they find drugs? And the answer is it depends on the command that is given to the dog. It can give a loud signal, or it can silently show where the drugs are located to the dog`s handler. If you want to know how to hide drugs from dogs, there aren’t many ways as the gods are taught to recognize the slightest sense of smell. Illegal drugs online make it hard for police to catch criminals because usually those parcels travel solo.

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