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Black Basta Gang is Selling Private Data of UK Teachers

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ByHarper Stewart

May 7, 2023
UK teachers' identities put up for sale by Black Basta group
Harper Stewart
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The security of the British government may be significantly jeopardized by a data leak at the outsourcing company Capita.

Capita, an outsourcing company, is being targeted by the Black Basta ransomware group, who claimed responsibility for the cyber attack and is currently advertising stolen confidential information for sale.

Capita has not yet verified the authenticity of the data breach, but the company is working closely with forensic experts and specialist consultants to investigate the incident. So far, there is no evidence to suggest that customer, supplier, or partner data has been compromised.

What Was Inside the Personal Data

The leaked information includes sensitive details such as the phone numbers and addresses of citizens, bank account information belonging to 152 organizations, personal data of teachers who have applied to work in schools and kindergartens, and internal floor plans of several Capita buildings.

The Black Basta ransomware group has claimed that the information leaked from Capita represents only a fraction of what they have obtained. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that at the time of the disclosure, the link to purchase the stolen documents was not operational.

The Company’s Response

Initially, Capita stated that their employees were experiencing technical difficulties accessing their IT systems. However, the company later acknowledged that a cyber attack took place on March 31st, affecting mainly their internal Microsoft 365 applications. The attack resulted in some disruption of services provided to individual customers, but the majority of customer services remained unaffected.

Capita has not revealed any details regarding how the hackers were able to infiltrate their network, the specific areas of their business that were affected, or which customers experienced disruptions to their services.

The National Threat

Should the validity of the leaked information be verified, it could result in significant ramifications, as Capita delivers various services to entities such as the National Health Service, the British Army, the Royal Navy, and the Department of Defense in the United Kingdom. Notably, Capita holds government contracts valued at $8 billion.

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