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New Cybercrime Gang, Anonymous India, Has Asserted to Have Hacked the Data of 1M Indonesians

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ByHarper Stewart

May 7, 2023
Anonymous India: A New Threat Actor Claims To Breach Data of 1M Indonesian
Harper Stewart
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It has not been evaluated whether the assertion made by the hacker group is authentic or not. Hackers who call themselves Anonymous India have declared that they have successfully accessed the information of one million Indonesian citizens.

FalconFeedsio tweeted a screenshot of Anonymous India’s claim, but the validity is still uncertain. It is important to confirm whether the data comes from one or multiple sources because the impact can differ dramatically. A single-source breach may affect a smaller group, while a multi-source breach could result in severe consequences.

Other Anonymous Cybercrime Groups

Sub-Anonymous groups have gained attention in the cybersecurity world recently. One such group is Anonymous Sudan, which has targeted companies and critical infrastructure in Denmark and Sweden ever since 23 of January, 2023, under such hashtags as #OpSweden and #OpDenmark.

The criminals refer to themselves as “hacktivists” that protest against far-right politician Rasmus Paludan after he lit the Qur’an on fire in Sweden on 21 of January, 2023, and has pledged to keep going until Sweden joins NATO.

Anonymous Sudan reportedly carried out cyberattacks on hospitals, educational institutes, and airports in France in March 2023. The attacks were apparently a reaction to a cartoon depiction of the prophet Muhammad, resembling the provocative Charlie Hebdo illustrations.

In addition, The gang asserted that they had hacked several airlines and payment providers, stealing and disclosing sensitive information.

The Importance of Resolving Data Breach Issues

Data breaches in 2023 have affected prominent organizations like Yum Brands, ChatGPT, Activision, and MailChimp, among others, resulting in the exposure of private data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. This can lead to severe consequences like identity theft, fraud, and other crucial crimes.

To avoid economic disasters because of the data breaches, it is essential to protect personal information. Solid and exclusive passwords for all accounts, avoiding suspicious links and attachments, and regularly updating software and applications are critical steps towards data security.

In summary, the unverified claim by Anonymous India regarding the breach of 1 million Indonesians’ data is concerning. It is crucial to take measures to safeguard private data.

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