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KillNet Attackers Target NATO Websites and Trade Stolen Data for Crypto

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ByHarper Stewart

May 7, 2023
NATO Data on Sale KillNet Disrupts NATO Websites Sells Data for Cryptocurrency
Harper Stewart
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Earlier this month, NATO suffered from short outages caused by distributed DDoS attacks launched by the Russian hacktivist organization KillNet.

The group had been targeting NATO entities for weeks, and with the support of Russia, it had announced its intention to sell NATO’s data.

Despite continued assaults from pro-Russian hacking collectives like KillNet and its allies, such as Anonymous Sudan, NATO remains the key focus of their attacks. The intensity of these DDoS attacks has increased since Sweden joined NATO. KillNet had requested crypto donations to support the attacks through its private Telegram channel, where it had previously announced its plans to strike NATO.

The recent cyberattack on NATO may have had a more widespread effect than initially believed. According to sources, the networks used by the Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC), a program that enables military airlift operations to 12 member countries using the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft, may have been affected. SAC allegedly experienced communication issues with one of its C-17 aircraft during a trip, but communications were never entirely lost.

NATO Data on Sale: What is Currently Known?

KillNet is reportedly selling NATO’s data for as little as 1 USD in the wake of the attacks. This alarming development underscores the importance of protecting sensitive data from online dangers. NATO has confirmed that the secure networks used for communication within the alliance’s command structure and during operational missions were unaffected by the recent cyberattacks. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has assured the public that the incident impacting some of NATO’s websites is being actively addressed by the alliance’s experts, emphasizing how frequently NATO deals with cyber problems.

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