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The Car Production in Japan Stopped due to the Cyber Attack on Toyota Key Suppliers

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ByHarper Stewart

May 11, 2023
The Car Production in Japan Stopped due to the Cyber Attack on Toyota Key Suppliers
Harper Stewart
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The attack was directed towards a cup holder supplier of Toyota, which resulted in the shutdown of 14 Toyota plants across Japan. The shutdown caused significant financial losses to the company, with an estimated cost of $375 million.

The impact of the cyber attack was widespread and severe, causing delays in production schedules, supply chain disruptions, and a halt in the delivery of orders to customers.

Kojima, a Japanese manufacturer of car interior parts, fell victim to a cyber attack that brought its entire production line to a standstill, resulting in a severe disruption of the operations of Toyota Motors.

The attack on Kojima highlights the vulnerability of the automotive industry to cyber threats, particularly those that target suppliers who play a critical role in the production process. Such attacks can lead to significant disruptions in the supply chain, causing delays in production schedules, shipment delays, and loss of revenue.

Companies Cyber Security Measures

In the wake of the attack, Kojima and Toyota Motors have taken measures to strengthen their cybersecurity protocols and supply chain security. This includes increased investment in security technologies and processes, as well as closer collaboration with suppliers to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

The Kojima cyber attack highlights the need for a proactive and collaborative approach to cybersecurity across the automotive industry and its supply chain networks. By working together to mitigate risks and implement effective security measures, companies can better protect themselves and their customers from the growing threat of cyber attacks.

The Losses

The cyberattack on Kojima, a supplier of Toyota’s cup holders and USB connectors, caused the closure of 14 factories and a $375 million loss for Toyota. A one-day shutdown resulted in a 5% drop in Toyota’s monthly production volume, equivalent to 10,000 fewer vehicles.

This attack reflects Japan’s growing cybercrime problem, with a 58% increase in ransomware attacks. As a critical player in the global chip supply chain, incidents like this could have worldwide consequences.

This case is a reminder for companies of all sizes to prioritize cybersecurity and supply chain security, including regular security audits and employee training programs, to mitigate cyber attack risks.

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