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Virginia Lady Admitted She hired a Hitman on the Dark Web to Carry Out a Murder for Hire Scheme

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 7, 2023
Annie Nicole Ritenour, 27, of Culpeper, Virginia, admits paying $3,200 to a dark web murder-for-hire website
David Brown

She was seeking for a hitman to kill the person with whom she had a disagreement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation apparently learned of a hit on a citizen of central Virginia in mid-September 2021 from someone connected to a phony murder-for-hire website on the dark web.

The website said that it could murder anyone, as long as the target is not a president or a person who has to be closely guarded, and that its killers would make killings appear “accidental.”

The Investigation

On June 26, 2021, the “Shoot and get away” order was placed after $3,200 in bitcoin were sent into the website’s escrow. The victim’s photograph, working hours, and workplace address were all included in the order. There was also a description of the victim’s car and its license plate number.

The Ordering Guidelines

Simply said, I’m seeking for a quick and easy work. The person’s residence, which also happens to be his place of employment (****), will make the finest target. He works Monday through Friday from 6 am to 3 pm. He travels in a 2007 burgundy Hyundai Santa Fe, with registration number ***-****. The days/times I stated will be the greatest time and location; I’d advise waiting until he gets off work at 3 p.m. before acting.

The Arrest

The FBI was able to locate the operator of a cryptocurrency ATM thanks to blockchain research. The $3,200 that was sent to the murder-for-hire website was made in three transactions, two on June 23 and one on June 24, according to the data released by American Crypto in October 2021. 

Ritenour carried out the transactions, according to images from the ATM where they were conducted. On October 27, the detectives detained Ritenour and questioned him. When questioned, she revealed that she had made the order and entered the money into the website out of resentment for the victim of the hit. 
She was accused of committing a murder for hire using resources provided by interstate commerce on one count. In a guilty plea on May 31, 2023. She might receive a federal jail sentence of at least three years.

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