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EU Police Crack Drug Lord’s Chat

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ByDavid Brown

Sep 23, 2023
EU Police Crack Drug Lord's Chat
David Brown

Collaborative efforts between Europol and multiple international law enforcement agencies resulted in a significant breakthrough in a global drug trafficking case, culminating in the apprehension of six individuals and the confiscation of 2.7 tons of cocaine.

Cracking Criminal Cartels: Decrypting the Dark Web

The Serbian police spearheaded this operation, receiving vital support from countries including Brazil, Croatia, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Slovenia. The primary focus of the investigation centered on dismantling a Balkan cartel involved in the smuggling of illegal substances from South America to Europe via maritime routes.

Among those apprehended was the mastermind behind the cartel, a Serbian national whose encrypted communications played a pivotal role in leading authorities to the heart of the criminal network.

Although the specific messaging platform used by the drug lord remains undisclosed, the case underscored the impact of shutting down several platforms frequently utilized for illicit activities. EncroChat, Sky ECC, and ANOM services had previously been dismantled, shedding light on the intricate communication methods employed by criminal organizations. These actions have led to the apprehension of numerous suspects across various criminal investigations.

A widespread operation spanning 15 countries took place on August 24, resulting not only in the confiscation of 2.7 tons of cocaine but also the seizure of high-end vehicles, luxury timepieces, and approximately €550,000 in cash from the criminals.

This incident is another instance where decryption of messages within supposedly secure messengers has facilitated major arrests. In May of this year, European law enforcement successfully apprehended three of the Balkans’ most influential drug lords and ten other suspects across different nations, with credit given to the effective decryption of Sky ECC messages.

Consequently, the use of technology to decode messages within “encrypted” messengers is emerging as a potent tool in combatting international criminal activity. While these developments may elicit mixed public reactions, vulnerabilities in encryption occasionally serve the cause of justice effectively.

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