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Serbian Authorities Arrest Members of the Largest Drug Trafficking Group in the Balkans

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 19, 2023
Serbian Authorities Arrest Drug Trafficking Group
David Brown

The gang was thought to be organizing the transportation of many tons of cocaine to Europe from countries like Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador, either directly or via logistical networks in West Africa.

Europol oversaw an international investigation targeting the cartel’s leadership and distribution system in collaboration with law enforcement organizations from the Netherlands and Belgium. Both Serbia and the Netherlands were involved in the operation.

Who was in the drug trafficking group?

There have been 23 people detained in all, 13 of them are in Serbia, according to Europol.

Three of the criminal organization’s leaders have been detained, one of them is apparently a former boss of the legendary Pink Panther gang, a well-known international gang that was well-known for its daring heists throughout Europe.

Mladen Lazarević, frequently referred to as “Mladunče,” a Serbian member of the “Pink Panther” organization, and Miroslav Starčević, also known as “Deda” or “Đeneral”, are reportedly among the three big drug lords detained, according to local Serbian media sites.

According to the news source Kurir, Starčević was in close contact with both Veljko Belivuk, head of the Kavač clan’s Serbian branch, and Radoje Zvicer, the notorious leader of Montenegro’s notorious criminal group, the Kavač clan.

Here are the results…

Investigations into communications made possible by Sky, a popular encrypted program used by criminal networks, revealed the criminal organization and its operations. March 2021 saw Sky’s deconstruction.

In 2020, roughly seven tonnes of cocaine were discovered and confiscated in European ports, according to Europol and the Serbian Interior Ministry’s study of Sky ECC data. One thousand and seven hundred kilograms of cocaine were seized in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; one thousand and two tons in Hasselt, Belgium; and five tons in Aruba, the Dutch Antilles.

In the course of the operation on Thursday, police searched more than 35 homes and seized high-end automobiles, pricey jewelry, watches, firearms, and other items, in addition to around three million euros (US$3.266 million) in cash.

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