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Dark Web Drug Ring Busted

Jul 30, 2023
Dark Web Drug Ring Busted
David Brown

A worldwide drug trafficking network enabled by the Dark Web is thought to have been the target of a joint investigation by German and Dutch law enforcement. The Koblenz Public Prosecutor’s Office has charged the suspects with trafficking significant amounts of drugs, including amphetamine, MDMA, and meth, with the purpose of making a sizable profit. From November 2019 through December 2021, they operated using vendor accounts on Dark Web marketplaces, processing hundreds of orders.

Drug Trafficking Organization on the Dark Web Found at the Post Office

The investigation was started by the Oldenburg Central Criminal Inspectorate after uncovering evidence of drug trafficking on DarkMarket. When it was determined that both the proprietor and an employee were complicit in the plot, attention turned to a Cologne post office. At the post office, packages containing drugs were picked up and delivered; deliveries occurred on weekends and at night.

The total weight of pharmaceuticals shipped overseas via the mail service was over a thousand kilograms. During the investigation, it was also discovered that five persons, including two Dutch citizens, had smuggled narcotics on behalf of the owners of vendor accounts. The two Dutch individuals who maintained the vendor accounts smuggled narcotics for profitable resale, according to further inquiry. In the period from January to November 2022, about 43 medicament shipments were imported.

In the Netherlands, the accused operator, the proprietor and employee of the post office, and three other suspects were all apprehended when search warrants were carried out on June 28, 2023. During the searches, a gun, a huge amount of amphetamine base, and 150,000 Euros in cash were found.

The owner and employee of the post office are being held in jail pending trial as officials maintain their hunt for the second owner of the seller’s account. The investigation deals a serious blow to the drug trafficking organization and shows how dedicated law enforcement is to halting illegal activity on the Dark Web.