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UK Salon Operator Wanted Cocaine Shipment

Jul 27, 2023
UK Salon Operator Wanted Cocaine Shipment
David Brown

Wayne Withers, a UK citizen from Blackpool, has started completing a 32-month jail conviction for trying to buy kilograms of cocaine via the AlphaBay Darknet market. Withers admitted guilt to charges related to his AlphaBay purchases from May and June of 2017.

Cocaine Import Attempt Unveiled: AlphaBay Connections & Failed Deliveries

In order to alert UK criminal police about Withers’ effort to import cocaine from Brazil, US federal investigators discovered AlphaBay contacts between Withers and the merchant going by the name of Machismo. Withers, nevertheless, only got a little 4-gram test order, which was sent to his Blackpool tanning shop.

According to messages acquired from the AlphaBay servers that were confiscated, Withers intended to purchase 10 kg of cocaine from Machismo each month. The preparations, however, were derailed when Machismo reported many seizures by customs. There is no proof that Withers’ order was really dispatched, despite getting a test buy and placing a 1 kilogram order in June 2017 that Machismo claimed was twice confiscated.

Withers complained to Machismo on July 2nd, saying he had paid $6k but had not gotten a shipment number. Withers made it clear that he wasn’t involved in any package seizures and that he was counting on the vendor to deliver what he had ordered. Shortly later, law officials seized AlphaBay, and no proof was discovered to substantiate the shipment of Withers’ order.

UK authorities investigated Withers’ Sandyfields, Preston, house in March 2021 and found computers with the Tor browser preloaded and encrypted iPhones. Since the botched AlphaBay transaction, Withers has kept a clean record, and his attorney told the court that he quit taking cocaine more than a year before his trial.