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Proton Pass Password Manager: Here’s the Latest Announcement from Proton!

Jun 2, 2023
Proton Pass Password Manager: Here's the Latest Announcement from Proton!
Esme Greene

The Swiss business Proton, which creates various innovations including the email service ProtonMail, announces the release of a brand-new item – it’s a password manager Proton Pass.

The business puts an emphasis on the privacy and security elements of this new password manager, much like it does with other Proton products. Passwords, emails, URLs, and notes are all end-to-end encrypted in Proton Pass.

Thus, since the user key is needed to decrypt data and cryptographic processes take place locally on your device, Proton will never be able to gain access to your private data. Your data ought to be secure even if Proton’s servers are compromised.

Clients who have a lifelong plan or are devoted to Proton have access to the beta version of Proton Pass. Users with Visionary plans will soon have the opportunity to use the product. New clients are no longer eligible for the Visionary plan.

The purchase of the email alias business SimpleLogin led to the creation of Proton Pass as well. Several members of the Proton team collaborated with the SimpleLogin team on Proton Pass.

Proton Pass will be made available to everyone using a freemium business model, just like Proton VPN and the business’s other products. The cost of a subscription is required to access advanced functions, although other features will be offered for free. All of the premium features of ProtonMail, Proton VPN, Proton Drive, and Proton Calendar are available as part of Proton Unlimited, an all-inclusive subscription. Advanced Proton Pass capabilities are also available in this top-tier subscription package.

Proton Pass is now accessible as an iOS or Android app, as well as a desktop browser extension. Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome support browser extensions. Proton Pass is another two-factor authenticator that customers can utilize in addition to services like 1Password and others.

Proton Pass Password Manager: Here’s the Latest Announcement from Proton!