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Sakhalin Resident’s State Services Account Hacked by Fraudsters and Linked to SSO

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ByEsme Greene

Apr 26, 2023
Sakhalin Resident's State Services Account Hacked by Fraudsters and Linked to SSO
Esme Greene
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On the Gosuslugi portal, fraudsters gained access to the account of a 50-year-old Sakhalin man and registered him as a volunteer for a Special Military Operation.

According to the press office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs regional division, the Sakhalin resident received a messenger call from an unknown individual who identified himself as a Gosuslugi employee. The caller demanded that the man provide the verification code from an SMS that he had recently received and said that the man’s account had been compromised. It should be mentioned that the fraudster sought to press the victim into divulging information about his money during the chat.

Three days later, the victim discovered obscene words and the fact that he had been signed up as a participant in a Special Military Operation when he went to the Gosuslugi application in his personal account.

The police reported that the applicant didn’t register as a volunteer for SMO because of his disability.

Based on the Ministry of Internal Affairs regional division statement, unauthorized access to computer data is the subject of a criminal investigation.

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