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Hackers attacked major payment software provider AvidXchange

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ByEsme Greene

Jun 27, 2023
AvidXchange, payment software provider, hacked
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Hacker group RansomHouse attacked AvidXchange, a large payment software vendor. The cybercriminals stole and published a large amount of sensitive data, TechCrunch reported.

AvidXchange is one of North Carolina’s largest providers of cloud-based payment management automation software. The company’s services include payment processing and management automation. According to the company, 8,000 businesses became their customers in 2022 alone, and the number of payments processed was about 70 million.

The hacker group RansomHouse published a report on the darknet attack. They urged AvidXchange representatives to contact them to prevent the leak of data and important documents. The cybercriminals published a small piece of data as proof of the seriousness of their intentions. Among the information disclosed are non-disclosure agreements, employee payroll information, bank account numbers, as well as credentials, and even answers to security questions for logging into internal company systems, right down to smart door locks. 

The second hack in a year

The company confirmed the leak on its website. AvidXchange said it is currently investigating the incident. Employees first noticed some data missing in early April, according to a statement on the cloud solution provider’s website.

It’s not clear at this time whether AvidXchange intends to pay ransom to the extortionists. Company spokeswoman Olivia Sorrells, speaking to TechCrunch reporters, only said AvidXchange expects to incur costs related to the incident.

This isn’t the first time in a relatively short period that the company has been attacked by cybercriminals. The previous instance of a hacking attack on AvidXchange happened just a few weeks ago. Back then, the firm was one of 130 victims of a massive hack targeting Fortra GoAnywhere systems. AvidXchange used Fortra GoAnywhere technology to transmit files to a certain check printing company.

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