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Medusa Group’s High-Stakes Demand: Protecting Argentina’s Banking System at a Cost

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 3, 2023
Medusa Group's Costly Demand: Protecting Banks
Esme Greene
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Cyberattack on Argentina’s CNV: Medusa Group Demands $500,000 Ransom, Threatens Financial Market Shake-up

The Medusa criminals have been accused of conducting a cyberattack against Argentina’s National Securities Commission (CNV). Within a week, the assailants are demanding a $500,000 ransom or they’ll release 1.5 TB of CNV documents and databases.

According to reports, sensitive documents and data might escape, thus upsetting the stability of the Argentine financial system. Regarding the hack, CNV has not yet made an official announcement.

Another significant hack by Medusa has occurred as a result of the event. Notably, the ransomware organization now admitted to carrying out an attack on a significant cancer facility in Australia and demanding a $100,000 ransom in return.

It should be mentioned that Medusa is the entity responsible for leaking the Microsoft Bing and Cortana source code. According to researchers, the leak, which is roughly 12 GB in size, is a portion of the 37 GB that the Lapsus faction took in 2022. Microsoft has not commented on the breach, thus it is unknown whether the hackers’ claims are true.

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