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Voice Scam Using Artificial Intelligence is Becoming more Prevalent

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 5, 2023
AI-Powered Voice Scam on the Rise
Esme Greene
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Just over 7,000 people from various nations were questioned by McAfee researchers, and 25% of them reported having experienced voice scam. Of these, a cunning trick caused 77% of the participants to lose money.

The experts also examined the accessibility and efficiency of AI-based voice copying techniques. On the Internet, there are more than a dozen free tools that may be used with no prior expertise or training. Additionally, one of the examined programs had a three-second audio sample long enough to accurately reproduce a voice with 85% accuracy.

In order to send phony voice messages or make bogus phone calls to the victim’s contacts, the con artists employ artificial intelligence to copy their victim’s voice. However, 70% of those who participated in the McAfee study’s survey are unsure of their ability to tell a phony voice from a real one, particularly if the caller appears not to be the victim’s closest friend.

What’s more, more than a third of voice scam victims lost more than $1,000, and 7% lost between $5,000 and $15,000. Either way, mistakes may be expensive.

Cybersecurity Measures

Additionally, Grobman provided some straightforward advice for avoiding voice fraud, which is obviously helpful to everyone. It won’t be long before this kind of deception completely takes over our nation.

Set up a “code word” for verification. Decide with your family or friends that if you contact or text for assistance or unexpected money transfers, you will always ask for a code word that only they know.

Constantly verify the source. If the call or message originated from an unknown individual, you should be extra cautious. Before posting sensitive data online, give it some thought. Fraudsters are just as likely to use recordings of your voice to contact your family as they are to search social media for information they may use against you.

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