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Play Ransomware Strikes Again – a Major Bank in Spain Hacked

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 6, 2023
Major Spanish Bank Hacked by Play Ransomware
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The Hacker group Play said they attacked a Spanish bank Globalcaja and stole a significant amount of confidential data, including passports, contracts, employee documents, and more.

The Bank`s Official Response

Bank Confirmed that computers at numerous workplaces were hacked with ransomware. Activities at the bank, such as customer accounts and contracts, were unaffected by the occurrence.  The standard business hours apply.

Following the detection of an attack, the B team Globalcaja disabled some office workstations and temporarily reduced the efficiency of some operations. Currently, the firm is looking into things and repairing systems. Requests about the bank’s willingness to pay the ransom were not answered.

GlobalcaJA is a Spanish bank that has over 300 locations around Spain and serves approximately half a million people. The company has more than $4.6 billion in assets, and there are 1,000 employees.

What is Known About Play Ransomware Group

The Play group appeared in July 2022 and specializes in attacks on government structures in Latin America. Due to a catastrophic attack on the American city of Oakland, which has been recovering from the catastrophe for several weeks, the organization has lately attracted notice. 

The attack seriously damaged the city’s IT infrastructure. Local officials were even forced to declare an emergency in the city.

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