• Thu. Oct 12th, 2023

Reddit Hackers Demand Ransom, Undo API Changes

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Jul 12, 2023
Reddit hackers demand ransom, revert changes

A group of hackers known as ALPHV/BlackCat has claimed to have 80GB of sensitive data stolen from Reddit during a hack that took place in February of this year. The hackers are demanding $4.5 million from the company and the reversal of pricing changes to access the platform’s APIs, or else the attackers promise to release all the data to the public.

Reddit Confirms Phishing Attack, Assures User Account Safety

In February, Reddit confirmed that its systems had been compromised in a “sophisticated and highly targeted phishing attack,” in which attackers gained access to numerous internal documents, code, and some of the company’s internal business systems. However, Reddit quickly assured the public that its production systems had not been breached and user accounts had not been compromised.

Hackers Inform Reddit of Data Theft and Lack of Response

ALPHV/BlackCat hackers claim to have infiltrated Reddit’s systems on February fifth and have already informed the company twice about data theft. However, according to the cybercriminals, the company hasn’t even tried to find out what data was stolen. Reddit representatives probably thought it was just a simple provocation, but now it is clear that the hackers are telling the truth.

“In our last letter to Reddit representatives, we said we wanted $4.5 million in exchange for data removal and our silence. We also warned that if we had to make this announcement public, we would also demand that the new pricing for API access be waived,” ALPHV/BlackCat said in a statement.

Reddit representatives have not yet commented on the hackers’ statement. We will follow the situation and inform you as new information becomes available.