• Sun. Aug 20th, 2023

Cyber-Attacked Ontario School System Learns More Data Were Taken

Jul 18, 2023
Ontario System Learns Data Taken Cyber Attack
Esme Greene

The board’s website, as well as telephones, public address systems, and email for all board sites, were originally taken down by the attack.

According to the Sault Star, the head of education Danny Viotto and board chair Gary Trembinski signed the notification, apologizing and informing student recipients that the information stolen included their date of birth, Ontario Education Number, Student Performance Information (other than report cards), citizenship status, country of birth, and other immigration-related information.

The letter stated, reported by the Star, that “the cyber criminals have communicated that the data they accessed has been deleted.” We have no reason to suspect that the cyber criminals maintained or abused the data in any manner, but if you have cause to feel otherwise, please notify us immediately.”

Official Statement

According to a May update on the board’s website, in addition to the impacted workers who were alerted in January, data analysis found that information of students, previous students, and more staff had also been accessed. The board stated it is providing credit monitoring services to people “as warranted and based on the type of information exposed.”

“Delivering the notices was a major milestone in putting this difficult matter behind us,” the board wrote in a blog post. “We learned from it and are continuing to fortify our defenses.”  Security issues restrict our capacity to say more, but we want our community to know that our efforts are multifaceted, that we are improving our defenses against phishing assaults, and that we are improving our ability to identify breaches if they occur. 

We are satisfied that we are better secured against the severe cyber security threats that school boards across the province face today.”