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Drug and Alcohol Testing of Graduating Paramedics Disclosed in Ambulance Victoria Data Breach

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 18, 2023
Ambulance Victoria data breach reveals drug testing
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The hack included roughly 600 test results from a few dozen people, with approximately 30 positive outcomes. Jane Miller, CEO of Ambulance Victoria, has apologized for the breach and is in the process of contacting everyone affected.

The Report

Ambulance Victoria has reported a significant breach of privacy to the state’s watchdog after confidential drug and alcohol test results of 600 graduate paramedics were available on the staff intranet for every employee to view. 

The incident, which occurred in 2017 and 2018, included private information such as full names, dates of tests, and results, including about 30 positive test results. The Victorian Ambulance Union, which discovered the breach, has called for Ambulance Victoria to contact affected employees, conduct an audit, cease alcohol and drug screening, and report the breach to relevant authorities.

Confidential drug and alcohol test results of graduate paramedics were available for all Ambulance Victoria staff to view under a significant breach reported to the state’s privacy watchdog. The Ambulance Victoria CEO confirmed that 600 test results relating to a “few hundred” people were affected, including around 30 positive test results. 

The Victorian Ambulance Union alerted Ambulance Victoria to the issue after private information was made available on the staff intranet, including the full names of graduate paramedics and the substance detected if positive. 

The union has urged Ambulance Victoria to contact affected employees and conduct an audit to determine who had accessed the files. Ambulance Victoria is conducting an investigation and an access audit to determine how the breach occurred.

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