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Anonymous Group Targets UAE Banks: Cybersecurity Breach Raises Alarm

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 19, 2023
Anonymous UAE Banks: Cyber Breach Raises
Esme Greene
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Financial institutions in the GCC area are on high alert following rumors of a “Anonymous Sudan cyber attack on UAE banks.”

An unexpected event is the attack on UAE banks by the infamous Anonymous Sudan. Particularly, the group’s assault on a likely DDoS rampage has affected First Abu Dhabi Bank, RAKBANK, and Mashreq Bank.

These three important financial companies’ online banking sites were the focus of the cyberattack, which briefly interrupted their services. 

According to The Cyber Express, on May 11th, the banking websites of Abu Dhabi Bank and Mashreq Bank were actually unavailable for a period of time. However, by the time this article was published, both institutions had fully functionalized their websites.

Anonymous Sudan Strikes UAE Banks with Cyber Attack: Is More Trouble Brewing?

In light of these worrying developments, The Cyber Express contacted the impacted banks to get their take on Anonymous Sudan’s assertion that UAE banks were the target of a cyberattack. Sadly, neither Mashreq Bank nor RAKBANK nor Abu Dhabi Bank have answered to the request.

In a Telegram post, the organization announced that the two will now work together to launch cyberattacks. The text stated that with this great collaboration, we would be able to attack several targets with ease. 

If the allegation that Anonymous Sudan targeted banks in the United Arab Emirates, notably First Abu Dhabi Bank, RAKBANK, and Mashreq Bank, is accurate, it would put the security of the banking information of UAE residents and workers at danger.

Proof that Anonymous attacked UAE banks online Sudan must issue a high-level notice to all GCC financial institutions, particularly in light of the recent collaboration between the pro-Russian threat actor and the Turk Hack Team.

As of 2022, Forbes estimates that the First Abu Dhabi Bank will have 13,684 workers, $8.3 billion in revenue, $272.3 billion in assets, and $3.3 billion in profits.

In a similar vein, RAKBANK employs 3,417 people whereas Mashreq Bank employs 5,000, and both banks’ sales, assets, and profits total billions of dollars.

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