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A Data Stealer Medusa Will Divulge any Information About the Victims to Cybercriminals

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 24, 2023
Data Stealer Medusa Exposes Cybercriminals
Esme Greene
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Experts in cybersecurity  have uncovered Meduza Stealer, another impressive representative of the AaaS sector. It’s a brand-new information thiefWindows that is sold on a subscription basis and is continually developed by the creator to evade detection by security software programs.

How does Medusa Stealer Work

“The sole objective of Meduza Stealer is the complete stealing of data. It picks up on every user’s online activity, gathering a wealth of information about the browser in the process. 

“No form of data is protected, not even sensitive passwords, valuable browsing history, or carefully chosen bookmarks. Even extensions for password managers, crypto wallets, and extensions are vulnerable to 2FA, the investigators continued.

Although having features in common with other infostealers, Meduza has a “cunning” operational architecture that forgoes the use of obfuscation techniques: once a connection to the attacker’s C2 server is lost, the malware promptly terminates its execution on the affected machines. 

Additionally, as the investigators discovered, Meduza Stealer halts operations on machines from the CIS nations, raising questions about the malware’s origin. The fact that Meduza Stealer also gathers Windows registry entries and a list of installed games, in along with data from 19 password management applications, 76 crypto wallets, 95 web browsers, Discord, Steam, and system information, suggests that cybercriminals may have more extensive financial motivations.

Both the official Telegram creator channel and underground forums are now selling the virus. A monthly subscription to Meduza costs $199, a three-month subscription costs $399, and a lifetime license costs $1,199. Malware customers get easy access to information that has been taken by spyware through a handy web panel.

How to Protect Yourself

In conclusion, we can claim that Meduza Stealer is a risky and evasive infostyler that poses a major risk to Windows users’ security and privacy. To safeguard your devices against this attack, you should be extra cautious and careful when downloading files from the Internet. Additionally, dependable antivirus programs and solid online safety procedures can only increase the protection of your data.

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