• Thu. Aug 17th, 2023

Data Leak: LetMeSpy Users’ Information Exposed

Aug 2, 2023
Data Leak: LetMeSpy Users' Information Exposed
Esme Greene

LetMeSpy Data Breach Exposes Users: Implications for Privacy and Espionage

LetMeSpy, a maker of surveillance software for tracking smartphone activities, was the target of a hack. Hackers were able to access the company’s database, which contained the personal data and communications of more than 100,000 customers.

A firm spokesman stated that the attack happened on June 26th and was found the same day. The business asserts that it informed the impacted consumers and fixed the issue right away. However, the hackers were able to post part of the stolen material on a forum with a related topic, and they then made an offer to sell the remaining data for 10 Bitcoins.

The LetMeSpy malware enables users to keep tabs on conversations, messages, whereabouts, images, and other information on the phones of their kids, spouses, or staff members. On the target device, the app must be installed, and registration on the business website is necessary. Users’ right to privacy is violated since they do not obtain the phone owner’s permission before doing such surveillance.

According to cybersecurity experts, the LetMeSpy attack represents a major breach of personal data protection and may have unfavorable repercussions for espionage victims. Additionally, they advise customers to avoid using such services and to search their phones for shady applications.