• Thu. Aug 17th, 2023

US Offers $10 Million Reward for Capture of Russian Hacker

Aug 9, 2023
US Offers $10M Reward for Russian Hacker
Esme Greene

Russia accused of providing “safe haven” for cybercriminals as US Department takes action

A $10 million prize has been offered by the US State Department in hopes of locating Russian hacker Mikhail Matveev, who Washington believes is responsible for cyber extortion. RIA Novosti broke the news.

The Russian has reportedly already been charged. Additionally, he is the target of penalties from the US Treasury Department. The statement was as follows:

“We have initiated these measures against Matveev as a result of his participation in cyber extortion against US government agencies, private businesses, and vital infrastructure throughout the world.”

The State Department also claimed that Russia was hosting cybercriminals as a result of its status as a “safe haven” for them. Washington believes that cyberattacks on the US and its allies may be carried out with impunity.

In Kaliningrad, Matveev’s birth was recorded in 1992. He goes under the names WAZAWAKA and BORISELCIN while at work.

Government websites in numerous US states were taken down by the Russian hacking collective Killnet in October. Authorities in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi reportedly came under assault.