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During the 17-day Stay Among Catholics, the Hackers Caused Them $160M in Harm

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 21, 2023
In 17 days, hackers cost Catholics $160M
Esme Greene
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The second-biggest not-for-profit hospital network in the US, CommonSpirit Health, the largest Catholic healthcare system, reported that the ransomware assault it experienced in October 2022 cost the firm $160M.

Organization`s Shut Down

On October 2, 2022, a ransomware assault led CommonSpirit Health to shut down its systems. This had an impact on more than 100 CommonSpirit locations in the US. More than 623,700 patients’ personal information was made available during the hack.

The Attack

After looking into the incident, it was found that on September 16, 2022, attackers made their first illegal entry into the CommonSpirit network. On October 3, a cyber security breach was detected, and the attackers were taken off the network. The identity of the group behind the cyberattack remains unknown at this time.

The first estimate for the attack’s cost to the business was $150 million, but on May 25, 2023, CommonSpirit revised it to $160M. Based on business disruption, recovery, and other related expenditures, the corporation reported this sum.

Due to a ransomware assault, CommonSpirit is facing two class action lawsuits. In both instances, CommonSpirit is accused of negligence and failing to take adequate cybersecurity precautions, which allowed for the leaking of private data.

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